Renewables Ireland offers Ireland's best infrared panel heater installation service.

Infrared heating panels aren’t just incredibly energy efficient, they make a room nice and warm, are very attractive and also available in numerous colours and finishes.

Renewables Ireland has access to market leading products, and can provide the best advice on which infrared heaters and designs will best suit your home. Read on to find out more about how infrared heating panels can save you money, improve your home energy efficiency, while looking great!

Infrared Heating Benefits

Ca be used in conjunction with green electricity from renewable energy.

Healthy radiant heat: direct warmth and constant air humidity.

No piping, plumbing or chimney required.

Low investment cost. Very affordable prices and low long term maintenance costs.

Perfect to suit your interior design with countless design and finish options.

Space saving and easy to install. Horizontal and vertical wall mounting possible.

Infrared heaters can be attractive high quality glass, painted and picture panels. 

Improve Your Home With Infrared Heating

How Does Infrared Work?

The infrared heating panels are provided with heat insulation which impedes outflow of heat into the structure behind the heating panel. They radiate heat outwards heating objects in the room rather than the air.

infrared heating installation

Infrared Heater Installation

Renewables Ireland is dedicated to making your new infrared heating installation as easy as possible. Our professional team will arrive earlier on the day of install and will more than likely be finished by dinner time. Our team use full PPE gear and safety equipment to do the job in the safest manner possible. Everything will be fully sanitised including the panels themselves.

The panels are equipped with temperature limiting thermostats and adaptable fixing brackets. Thanks to these brackets, they can be fastened both horizontally and vertically.

Installation will be quick and clean with minimal disruption and mess.

Move Forward With Infrared Heating

Consider installing infrared heaters because of their market leading efficiency.  Compared to other heating products of old, infrared heating panels spend less energy heating air, and almost 100% of the heat created is transferred out, resulting in incredibly efficient home heating.