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Solar Panel Installation at Allianz Head Office – Ireland.

Renewables Ireland recently completed a major solar panel installation for Allianz Ireland. This project saw the entire rooftop of the Allianz building fitted with state of the art of the solar panels. The installation delivers the following results and technical specifications:

PV Solar System Size – 83.00 kWp
Mounting System- Van Der Valk Flat Roof ValkPro+
PV Panels – 200noTrinasolar 415Watt
Yield 66,455 kWh/Year
Own Consumption 50,197 kWh/Year
Grid Feed-in 16,257 kWh/Year
Own Power Consumption 75.5 %
CO₂ Emissions avoided 31,211 kg / year
Level of Self-sufficiency 18.9 %